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How to use your Deliveroo backpack

The backpack was designed based on feedback from thousands of riders like you, and your backpack was made to help make transporting orders easy and efficient while keeping food dry and at the right temperature. Here’s some extra things you can do to help maximise its lifespan and your comfort and safety while on the road:

  • Wipe down your backpack regularly: Not only will this keep your Deliveroo logo visible for people who may see it and decide to order, but it helps preserve food quality and your safety
  • Double back your straps: If you find your straps loosen a little while you work, doubling back the webbing strap through the buckle will help keep your backpack in the position even when delivering large orders
  • Use elastic strap on the back panel: You can secure small loads that may otherwise be prone to spilling using this handy feature
  • Make the most out of your personal pockets: You can use them to store anything you want, like spare hand sanitiser and face masks, or an extra battery pack for your phone

We hope you find these tips useful, and remember, using your thermal bags while you work is important and a requirement for all riders riding with Deliveroo

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