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Keeping customer personal data safe

Deliveroo’s customers share their personal data with us and trust us to keep it safe. As part of our commitment to the privacy of our customers, it is essential that the personal data they entrust us with is protected and used appropriately. You share this responsibility with us as part of your contractual obligations to Deliveroo.

What customer personal data do you handle?

You handle customer personal data every time you accept and deliver an order including but not limited to customers’ name, order ID and location. 

How must you handle personal data safely?

Customers trust Deliveroo and you to keep their information safe, so it’s important to know how to handle it responsibly. Always follow these guidelines when riding with us:

  • Only use customer personal data for delivery purposes. You may only contact a customer about their order, and only while completing a delivery for them;
  • Never contact a customer outside of delivery purposes. This means you must not contact a customer for personal reasons, for example, by telephone, SMS, email, or through social media, and you must not save customer data or to your device or any other medium;
  • Never photograph a customer’s photo ID when verifying ID for age-restricted items. Check the photo ID shown by a customer to confirm the photograph on the card looks like the person offering the card, check the expiry date of the photo ID to ensure it is still valid, enter the customer’s date of birth into the rider app to confirm whether the customer is over 18. Further guidance on the correct procedure for verifying ID is available here;
  • Never screenshot customer details, or share their personal data with others. You must never share customer personal data, whether it’s via email, text or social media. By doing so you will breach customers’ privacy and your contractual obligations to Deliveroo, even if you delete their details or an image you’ve saved of them afterwards.

What can happen if you mishandle customer personal data? 

Contacting customers outside of deliveries, saving or sharing customers’ details constitute a serious breach of Deliveroo Policy. Doing so may result in your rider account being terminated.

Other concerns 

If any details in a customer’s order or delivery notes concerns you, please let our Rider Support Team know as soon as possible. Please do not screenshot the customer’s details, nor any in-app conversations you may have with customers in Chat. There is no need as our team will be able to see the customer’s account history so we can verify your report.  

Thank you for taking the time to read these important guidelines and helping to ensure that our customer personal data is always kept safe, secure and private. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Rider Support Team below.

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